UK Seeks EU Court’s Clarification On Data Retention

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In the European Union, the Data Retention Directive used to be the instrument laying down the rules for the retention of,  and access to communications data for purposes of investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crime.  It required telecommunication service providers to retain traffic, location and subscriber data for up to two years and make … Read more

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes – A GDPR Game Plan

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While the GDPR may appear extremely prescriptive in comparison to the current Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC), the objective does not deviate far from the current Directive – assuring individuals’ fundamental right of personal data protection.  Multinational companies should focus on devising a systematic approach that fosters a culture of accountability, privacy by design and by default … Read more

Fast Moving Fronts: 3 Things You Need To Know About How Better, Faster, Cheaper Is Impacting Your Enterprise’s Use Of The Cloud

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Part of the b:INFORM 2015/2016 Cloud Survey Trend Series 1. Cloud Deals are taking Less Time to Complete According to our survey,  92% of cloud services negotiations close in less than 6 months, with a majority closing in less than 2 months.  These results represent an increase in speed to closure compared to our results last year. … Read more

Information Governance Blockchain For Supply Chain Management: The Future Of Logistics?

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Over the past few decades, supply chain management has benefited immensely from technological advances that have made it easier and faster to transport cargo from one place to another. However despite these advances, supply chains continue to face challenges when it comes to tracking cargo, ensuring the integrity of cargo and holding members of the … Read more