Legalzoom Vs. Nolo | Which of the Two Legal Services to Go For?

Have you decided you want to start a limited liability company (LLC) in your state? If yes, you need to file the necessary documents with your secretary of state. The legal documents include articles of organization and other legal forms required for an LLC formation.

If you want to avoid legal issues regarding your business later, it would be best to seek legal services to help you with business formation. You can get legal services from an attorney who will guide you through the process. However, getting an attorney can be a little expensive.

Alternatively, you can opt for online legal services that will help you with business registration but at a lower price. There is no shortage of online legal services that can help you with business formation. Such legal services include ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, and Nolo, etc.

So, between Legalzoom Vs. Nolo, which is the best option?

Overview of Legalzoom LLC Formation Service

LegalZoom's online legal service has a reputation for helping more than one million entrepreneurs set up their LLC businesses every year. If you don't set up your LLC properly, you put your personal property at risk, including your home and personal account.

Legzoom has been in the LLC formation business for over 12 years and has helped set up millions of businesses. 

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As such, the attorney-based has immense experience in offering LLC formation services, and it enjoys an impressive rating from online users.

LegalZoom boasts a team of top attorneys who help to maintain client documents and review processes to be up to date. This ensures compliance with all the legal requirements and regulations in all the US states.

Additionally, the legal service offers lifetime customer support. Thus, you can ask questions and seek clarification about issues that could crop up later regarding your LLC formation. Their customer support is available by email from Monday to Friday.

What's more?

When you sign up for LegalZoom services, you are assigned an attorney who should be available whenever you need help. The assigned attorney will guide you in the formation process to ensure you get all the legal requirements right to avoid legal issues in the future. However, the attorney's availability can depend on their schedule.

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The best thing is that the legal service is also available on the phone. It is also available in the United States, which means they are native speakers of English, which makes it effortless to talk with them. Some of the most common business services you can get from LegalZoom include:

  • Business name reservation
  • Business name availability check
  • Doing Business As (DBA), name and business
  • Federal and state taxes ID


LegalZoom's pricing structure works differently from other internet lawyer, including Nolo. There are no flat memberships, and every service has its own pricing packages. The price of each legal document and service will vary depending on the service and the state you operate in.

For instance, if your LLC operates in New York, LegalZoom has three payment packages, including the economy, standard, and express gold. The economy package costs $79 plus a $210 New York state filing fee. The features under the package include filing the articles of organization, lifetime customer support, NY name check, and business filing. Other features include the LLC next steps guide, financial account authorization letter, and peace of mind review.

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The standard package goes for $329 plus a $210 New York state fee. This package includes all the features in the economy package, official certificates and seals, deluxe organizer, and LegalZoom VIP processing.

Additionally, you can use the Express Gold package for $349 plus the $210 New York filing fee. The packages come with all the features of the economy and standard packages, plus express shipping and rush processing with the respective secretary of state.


  • The legal service has a mobile app available for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • It comes with a 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • There are no monthly memberships. As such, you don't have to worry about any unfamiliar charges on your credit card
  • You'll get copies of all the documents that have been filed
  • There is a free newsletter for more information and tips


  • You are not allowed to download or edit any of the documents
  • Some documents can take longer to process than advertised
  • If you want to access a business attorney for general consultations, concerns or ask questions, you have to pay a subscription

Overview of Nolo

Nolo started operations in 1971 by publishing do-it-yourself (DIY) legal guides. It was one of the first online legal sites. Later, Nolo merged with other legal sites that had a focus on general law and divorce, and it became the Nolo Network.

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Nolo's main focus is on the creation and distribution of legal forms for their clients. They have a legal internet library where they offer tons of business legal forms. Unlike LegalZoom, Nolo didn't start its operations as a legal firm. As such, the company's expertise is in the creation of legal forms which you can purchase and customize with your attorney and file with the respective state.

If you don't have the legal knowledge or the legal procedures to apply, it may not be wise to buy a legal form. Although it is inexpensive and cheap, you may end up having legal issues with your business going forward.

Besides offering legal forms, Nolo has expanded its services and started offering a Form Your LLC Online service.


Nolo's pricing is a little different from what you can get from other legal sites. Most online legal service sites offer various packages with varying features and prices. On the other hand, Nolo offers cloud-based and physical resources such as software and books that come at different prices.

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Additionally, the company offers a business form bundle that contains all the forms you may require to form and run any business. The business forms bundle goes for $79.99.

Since the company also offers some incorporation services, it comes with some packages for this, though you have to look for them by state. For instance, if you want to use Nolo for your incorporating services in New York, you can choose one of the following packages:

The basic service package goes for $99 plus the state fees. The features of this service include customized corporate bylaws and standard filing and shipping. Additionally, you can go for the Express Premiere Service that costs $299 plus the state filing fees. The features of the service include customized bylaws, application of EIN, customized record kit and seal, and rush filing and shipping.


  • The site contains free legal articles and guides
  • If you are in the United States, you have access to a free online lawyer search
  • Nolo is a perfect pick if you like doing things by yourself. It offers a DIY approach which you can do with the help of a legal expert


  • You require a lot of research to determine the documents that you need for your business
  • The DIY approach may not be the best if you like to be taken through the legal processes step-by-step
  • The site is not intuitive and user-friendly, and you'll have challenges finding the prices of various services. Additionally, several links lead you to 404 pages

Nolo Vs. LegalZoom Comparison

LegalZoom offers all the documents and forms you require to form your LLC business. It also contains all the documents you require to run your business, such as contract agreements, business permits, and licenses. On the other hand, Nolo applies a DIY approach. You have to get the forms and customize them with your attorney to fit your business needs. Additionally, it features software for marketing, accounting, and human resources.

Both online legal sites offer email support from Monday to Friday. Additionally, LegalZoom offers phone support that enables you to get support directly. It is also effortless to speak with the customer support team since they are native English speakers.

For LegalZoom, you are assigned an attorney who is available when you need them, though it can be dependent on their schedule. On the other hand, you need an appointment to get your chosen attorney on Nolo, and they are available depending on their schedule.

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The two online legal sites also differ in terms of pricing. For LegalZoom, you have different packages to choose from depending on their cost and the features you want. The packages have a flat rate plus the state filing fee of the respective state. If you want access to an attorney, the fee starts at $31.25 per month.

Alternatively, Nolo offers individual pricing for each software, book, download, and other resources. It also offers incorporation services with different packages. The packages differ in cost depending on the features.

Final Thoughts 

In the battle between LegalZoom Vs. Nolo - see also LegalZoom Vs. Rocket Lawyer - which is the best option for LLC formation? The choice between the two is dependent on various factors, including your legal background, cost, etc.

If you have little-to-no legal and business formation knowledge, LegalZoom is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you have some legal knowledge and have confidence in dealing with legal documents and forms, Nolo is your best option.

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