Iubenda Review | A Cookie Consent Solution for GDPR Compliance

Iubenda is a compliance software having a cookie consent solution for General Data Protection Regulation compliance in websites. It helps you create legal terms, cookie policies, conditions, and privacy policies in your websites and ensures they comply with the GDPR.  

Iubenda also helps you manage cookie consent so that it complies with the legislation. It offers its services in varied languages, so no need to worry about the language barrier. The good thing is that the features are custom, and you can do so anytime. 

It is easy to work with Iubenda as you don't necessarily need any law knowledge. The platform is also automated, and you can use it even with several websites altogether.

Read through this Iubenda review to better understand the software, its features, and how you can effectively use it.

Key Iubenda Features

Custom Clauses

Iubenda has more than 1300 drafted clauses offered in eight language variables. Apart from the drafted clauses, you can customize your clauses.

You can get the custom clauses by drafting yourself or by requesting one. Request and add a cookie to it. 

You'll love its affordability and accessibility.

Expert Compliance Solutions 

Solutions offered by the Iubenda privacy policy match with what legal professionals provide and do so at a much lower cost than what you would pay to an attorney.

Iubenda has experts in the law field that ensure the legal compliance solution they offer to match your country's requirements. It's the perfect solution for violation and infringement claims.


Powerful User-Friendly Dashboard

The Iubenda dashboard allows you to access all your websites in one place. You can update your policy details, manage your online compliances, and monitor your sites from the same dashboard. Another fantastic feature of the dashboard is that it is user-friendly. The dashboard has an intuitive design for easy editing and customization of other features ensuring ease of use.

One-Click Cookie Policy Activation

Cookie policy activation has never been this easy. With Iubenda, you click one time on the setup and integration button. You don't have to go through all the cookie policy activation procedures. Use clauses in your privacy policy to generate a new one.

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Offline Access

Who wouldn't love a site with offline access? Iubenda allows you and other users to access the privacy policy of your website even when offline.

Visual Configuration

Visual configuration allows you to edit cookie consent banner text. With this feature, you can twitch the cookie consent to match your website design. You can also modify how the cookie consent responds to different commands.

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Custom Banner

Iubenda allows you to customize your banner outlook to match your preference, and you can change its location, checkbox, color, and content. The wizard makes the experience even more engaging. It's easy to use, and you can make more detailed changes to the banner using it.

Speed and Effectivity

Iubenda software is fast in its response to various commands. It can work with multiple websites at once without affecting the performance of your page. Its pages load fast and respond to commands almost instantly.

it works really fast

GDPR-Compliance Policy Generator

Iubenda solutions meet all GDPR requirements. Its terms of service generator combine privacy policies and cookies on your websites and apps. You'll not need to manually enter details into the app as it automatically sinks the information.

Compatibility with Google's Consent Mode

Iubenda is compatible with Google consent mode and other additional modes. It works with other Google product rights such as Floodlight, Ads, Conversion Linker, and Analytics. It also incorporates Ad Tech Providers other than the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) network (see also Fair Use Act Disclaimer).

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Iubenda Functions

Internal Privacy Management

Iubenda has an internal privacy management tool that allows you to document all data processing undertakings in your firm. It's a powerful tool designed to serve large firms with a busy data flow within their websites and servers. Iubenda puts these documents into categories and documents them for easy retrieval whenever they are needed.

Cookie Policy Generation

Iubenda cookies policy design is user-friendly, making its use simple. It also highlights the critical clauses simply and straightforwardly.

Iubenda policy generator creates simple legal texts for straightforward interpretation by the end-user - see End-User License Agreement. When users click on the policy banner, they will get what it's all about and can either accept or reject it.

Iubenda's cookie policies ensure that the user understands tall the included clauses. They contain an introductory phrase of the policy, displaying when the user maneuvers over the policy banner.

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Privacy Policy Generation

Iubenda creates in-depth privacy policies that are regularly updated for legal compliance.

When you click on the privacy policy banner, an overview of the policy pops up. If you want to get complete information on the privacy policy, you'll have to click on the privacy policy icon at the bottom right corner of your dashboard interface.

There is also a simplified version of the privacy policy. It is well illustrated for easy working with the user.

To create a privacy policy on Iubenda, follow the steps below:

  • Fill in your website information

  • Add products and services you offer on the website

  • Pay the policy fees

  • Integrate the privacy policy to your website

Automatic Compliance Scanning

Iubenda is designed to automatically scan services on your websites and outline services not listed in your privacy policy to ensure you comply with the privacy policy. After completing scanning, it will recommend the services you should add to the privacy policy.

Iubenda can also be integrated into Facebook and other mobile applications. It generates privacy policies on these applications so as they are disclosed on their pages for user benefit.

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Generates Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a must-have aspect of any website dealing in e-commerce. Thi encompasses websites doing adverts, sales of products, and those with affiliate links. Iubenda will not only generate these terms and conditions but will also manage them for you. There are over 100 clauses which you can choose from.

An international legal team created the terms and conditions available in 8 languages with legal compliance with varied legislation. The terms and conditions cover return, refund, and withdrawal conditions.

Policy Integration

To integrate privacy and cookie policy into your website, use either of the following ways:

Iubenda servers host the privacy policy content, and you integrate by simply linking to it. This allows the Iubenda to update it regularly.

Integrating the policy by adding a footer widget is the most effective way of the three methods.

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Cookie Solution

The Cookie Solution makes your website compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations. It uses cookie policies, banners, and prior blocking management to ensure compliance. Iubenda's WordPress plugin makes the setup process effortless.

If you use both your cookies and third-party cookies in your website, you should have a user's expressed content. 

Consent Solution

Consent solution has unique user consent together with the privacy policy in one place. It allows you to keep the user's verification details with double opt-in options. This includes JS SDK, Iubenda reCAPTCHA, and REST HTTP API. They let you control when and how to store consent.

JS widget enables you to keep track of online forms if you run an online store. With it, you will be able to track the privacy and legal notices your users accepted, user's consent history, and words prompting consent.

It has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to review consent records. You can also sync documents managed by Iubenda from the dashboard. The company is working to discover some other benefits for this feature.


Iubenda Pricing

Iubender offers a free trial for many of its features. You can also get privacy and cookie policies for free.

The free plan is suitable for small websites. But if you need a cookie policy generator or a privacy policy generator with no restrictions, you'll have to pay $29 per year.

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If you want a Consumer Privacy Act privacy review software and policy creation and management software, worry no more, Iubenda got you covered. You can rely on Iubenda for all your websites needs and social platforms needs. It offers privacy policies and cookie policy generation readily for both of these aspects.

Iubenda works out the same task you would employ an attorney for. The good thing is that you will access these services at a lower price. It also ensures your website is compliant with the law across multiple countries.

Summing up, Iubenda reviews have proven Iubenda to be more resourceful than other privacy generator tools. It offers quality legal services at an affordable Iubenda pricing. Subscribe to it for legal compliance to ensure you, your website, and your business stay on a safer side as far as legal compliance is concerned.

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