How To Bake Cookies – The Law Of Cookies In The EU

Cookies are plainly on the radar of European regulators. Various countries have issued new guidance recently and European regulators have started to enforce the new rules as can be seen from the increasing number of inspections, audits and online investigations into the use of cookies.

Despite the fact that the 2009 EU Cookies Directive was intended to harmonize the European approach to cookies regulation, we are a long way away from a uniform cookies regulation across Europe.  Countries have implemented the Directive in various ways (if they have implemented it at all). 


Companies looking to implement compliant cookies solutions face the challenging task of designing solutions that satisfy the various different requirements across the EU.  Our 2015 “How to Bake Cookies” report provides an overview of the cookies regulation in Europe and addresses some of the key questions across 14 jurisdictions such as whether implied consent will satisfy the opt-in requirement and which national regulators have issued cookies guidance.

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