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Generating a policy from scratch can be a time consuming and tedious process. It requires you to enter all your website details in order to generate an appropriate policy. This may not always be possible if you are using third party services or have no access to them. In such cases, we recommend that you use our service which allows you to create a customised policy based on your own requirements. is an online tool that can be used to generate a standard privacy policy for websites or apps. Users have the option to create policies for websites, SaaS, blogs, WordPress, mobile, eCommerce, Facebook apps, or Instagram.

Simple and short, this template does not include a lot of clauses, but you can review it before generating your policy.When you do, you will find that the disclosures regarding the gathering, storing and using of your personal information aren't specifically detailed.

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GetTerms has two main features: a free plan and a simple yet well-designed user interface (UI). The free plan includes a privacy policy template, a privacy policy generator, a privacy policy editor, a privacy policy review tool, and a privacy policy checker.

If you’re looking for a free website privacy policy (and who isn’t?), then you should go for the “Basic Policy” option which comes with a Terms of Service generator.

To get a cookie policy, the site must be upgraded to the $25 Starter Package, which allows customisation of disclosures for logging data and personally identifiable information.

If you want to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you’ll need to pay $49 for the Comprehensive Plan. You can also get more customised disclosures for business transfers, user generated content, device usage data, and more.

GetTerms pricing plans chart

1) Basic Package - $9 per month. You only need to provide us with one URL address. The package includes an unlimited number of pages/domains covered by the policy.

2) Premium Package - $19 per month. You must provide at least 2 URLs addresses. The premium package also covers an unlimited number of pages/domain names.

The basic plan is suitable for small businesses who want to protect their online presence against cyber attacks. If you require more than just 1-3 domains then this might not be enough. For example, if you run 3 different blogs under 3 separate domain names, you would need 6+ domains protected. With the premium package, you can easily cover up to 10+ domains.

You can choose between monthly or yearly payment options depending upon your preference.

How to Generate Private Policies with GetTerms?

The following steps outline how you can do so:

step 1

Create Your Policy

To begin creating a new policy, simply click “Create New” under the “Policies” tab of the main page. You will then see a form where you need to fill out some basic information about yourself as well as your business. Once complete, hit submit and wait while your policy gets generated!

Once created, you will receive an email containing a link to download your policy file. Simply save this document somewhere safe and keep it handy until needed, though you should also check out the specialized we reviewed earlier.

step 2

Upload Website Details

Next step would be uploading your website details into the system. To do so, go to the “Website Information” section located within the left menu bar. Here you will find two options; one being “Add Site” and another being “Import Sites”. Clicking either option will take you through a simple wizard-like interface allowing you to upload any number of sites. 

For each site, you must provide its URL, domain name, web host provider, IP address, country code, language and other relevant data. After completing these fields, you should proceed by clicking the “Next Step” button.

step 3

Select Features

After having uploaded your website details, you will now be presented with a list of available features. These include things like SSL certificates, redirection, privacy protection etc. If you wish to add more than one feature, just select the checkbox next to each item before proceeding further. Otherwise, you can skip this part altogether.

step 4

Choose Plan

Now comes the most important part of the whole procedure. Choosing what type of plan suits best for your needs. There are three choices here:

a) Basic. This plan offers you the ability to secure up to 100 unique domains. However, there is a limit of 5 GB storage space provided.

b) Standard. This plan provides you with the ability to secure their 10 domains plus additional 50 free ones. It allows you to store up to 20 GB in total.

c) Advanced. This plan gives you access to securing up to 200 domains along with 25 GB storage capacity.

If you have multiple websites that fall under different categories, make sure to use the right category when selecting which plan to opt for. Pro Features

Here we highlight some of the key features offered by

1) Domain Name Protection

This feature enables you to create a custom DNS record. When visitors visit your website using a specific domain name, they will automatically be redirected to the corresponding subdomain on our servers. In case someone tries to hack your website, he/she won't be able to view anything because all traffic will be directed towards our server instead.

2) Re-directions

With this feature, you can easily set up 301 or 302 redirection rules. The former directs users from old URLs to their new counterparts whereas the latter does the opposite. Both types of redirection allow you to change the location of your content without affecting search engine rankings.

3) Privacy Protection

You can choose between two levels of privacy protection. One is called "Private" and the other is "Secure". With Private mode enabled, only people who know your login credentials can see your personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, physical locations, birthdays etc.

On the contrary, Secure mode makes everything public.

a man taking notes at the desk

4) Website Security Audit

You may want to conduct an audit of your current security settings. Simply click on the link below to start the process. Once completed, you'll receive a report detailing various aspects of your website's security status.

 You can then download the results if desired.

5) Free Hosted Domains

As mentioned earlier, you can register up to five free hosted domains at no cost. All you need to do is enter them in the appropriate field during signup.

a woman typing on her laptop

6) Automatic Renewal

Once registered, you don't need to worry about renewals anymore. As long as you keep paying monthly fees, your accounts will remain active indefinitely.

7) 24x7 Support

 Their support team is always ready to help out whenever needed. Just send them an email anytime! They are also happy to assist you via live chat.

8) 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

The app offers a full refund within thirty days after purchase. To avail of this benefit, simply contact customer service within the first month of signing up.

9) No Setup Fees

There are no setup charges whatsoever. So go ahead and try it today!

10) Easy Installation Process

The installation process couldn't be simpler. After logging into your account, just follow these simple steps:

a) Click on the 'Add New' button located next to the 'Domains' section.

b) Enter the required details.

c) Select either the Basic or Premium package depending upon what type of hosting service you require.

d) Choose whether you'd like to host one or more sites simultaneously.

 e) Finally, select the payment method that suits you best. - Pros and Cons


1) Simple & easy to use interface

It doesn't take much time before you become familiar with its user-friendly design. It has been designed keeping beginners in mind so there shouldn't be any problems when navigating through its menus.

2) Unlimited Domain Names

Unlike most web hosts which limit you to three domains per plan, GetTerms gives you unlimited access to multiple domains. This means that you can have as many domains as you wish.

3) Fast Servers

 All our servers come equipped with SSD drives. These are faster than traditional hard disk drives and hence provide better performance. In addition, they consume less power too.

4) 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

If we fail to deliver on our promise of providing uninterrupted services, we'll give you 100% money back guarantee. That way, you won't lose anything even if things turn sour.


1) Limited Storage Space

Although storage space isn't limited, it does vary from server to server. For example, some servers allow you to store up to 1 GB while others let you save up to 10 GB. The amount varies according to the number of domains you've chosen. If you decide to add additional domains later on, you might find yourself running short of space.

2) Slow Customer Service Response Time

You may experience delays when contacting customer care agents over email. They usually respond within 48 hours but sometimes it takes longer. However, their response times aren't very fast compared to other providers.

3) High Prices

Compared to other web hosts, prices here are quite high. Although you can choose between two different packages, both start off at $15/month. Moreover, you must pay extra for each domain name you want to include.


Overall, offers great value for money. Its simplicity makes it ideal for newbies who don't know where to begin. On top of that, it comes packed with all sorts of useful tools such as free SSL certificates, Google Analytics etc. All in all, it's definitely worth checking out.

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