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Only lawyers create privacy policies with ease, and unless you're one, formulating them can be a terrible migraine. Usually, making privacy policies is time-consuming and cost-inefficient, primarily while consulting with an attorney. It's worse should you opt to compose them yourself because the process is tedious. helps you generate free updated privacy policies that comply with GDPR (Data Protection Regulation). This article contains reviews describing everything you need to know about it as a free privacy policy generator for apps, businesses, websites, and blogs. Please read on for more info. Reviews?

FreePrivacyPolicy is an online privacy policy generator for your mobile applications, blogs, and websites. Free Privacy Policy is ranked by Alexa at 30393 with over seventeen-fifty backlinks and has hidden "WhoIs" data.

Free Privacy Policy has a valid SSL certificate with a Medium-Organization Validated Certificate; SSL type. Its SSL issuer is Cloudflare, Inc who is its I.S.P. as well.

Federal and State Law Consistency generates policies that are consistent with federal and state laws CCPA, COPPA, GDPR, CalOPPA, AdSense & Google Analytics & AdSense, and others like:

  • Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
  • Personal Identifiable Data
  • Federal Trade Commission Fair Information Practices
  • California Online Privacy Protection Act
  • Can-Spam Act and others.

How Works

Free Privacy helps with the privacy policy designing process by developing them for you in a cost-efficient, time-saving way.

First, you select whether your privacy policy is for a website or a mobile app, then choose an individual or business and key in some data. Afterward, you'll answer two pages of questions about the purpose and type of your website and about yourself via their online generator.

Depending on how fast you answer their questions, the entire process may take you three to fifteen minutes. Then, continue to the control panel and edit your privacy policy and download it as you add some final touches. After you're satisfied with the guidelines you've generated, you can save and add them to your site.

a woman typing on her laptop Fee

In FreePrivacyPolicy, you pay a single, one-time fee. They call it free because once you clear a one-time fee, you won't have to pay again, unlike many other privacy policy generators, which charge monthly or yearly recurring payments. 

Moreover, their refund policy says that you can receive a full refund within seven days if you're not satisfied with them.

Free Privacy Policy Generator Trust Score

Why does have a high trust score? Based on the site's data, the country in which its host, if the website uses an SSL certificate, and their reviews, is reliable and legit.

Therefore, the high trust score is not accidental, and the site is safe to work with or leave your data. However, we've heard cases of sites that look legit but are fake, and hence we cannot guarantee the safety of this site.

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Positive and Negative Customer Highlights

From Trustpilot, the website has an average rating of 2.8 out of 5. Moreover, from their site, clients seem very much satisfied with the services they got. Some clients have recommended this free privacy policy generator to their friends.

Plus, this site has been credited as the best free privacy policy generator in specific categories like price, customer service, and satisfaction. Some clients said they would use it again. Besides, clients find this site informative and relevant when making improvement or function decisions of their websites.

However, some clients have expressed utter contempt toward because of scamming them. They said it's free, but they were charged. Some users also noted that the query had too many questions that confused them, plus their website had many ads which kept on popping up from time to time. Webshop Analysis is still young. However, its Alexa rating indicates the site attracts enormous amounts of traffic. We know that sites require several years for much popularity.

On the other hand, scammers tend to buy traffic to achieve an excellent Alexa rating, while some crypto-mining websites can harvest traffic without the owner's knowledge. is unique to achieve much traffic in less than a year, but please be cautious.

Statistics of

Technical Analysis

FreePrivacyPolicy has a valid SSL certificate. Professional companies utilize SSL certificates to encrypt the communication between their site and computer. Please note: some scammers install free SSL certificates to illegally attract traffic to their sites since there are different SSL certification levels.

Hence, ensure you check for an SSL certificate wherever you give your data since this certification guarantees your safety. The fact that this site has SSL certification raises the trust score for

Will the Free Privacy Policy Safeguard your Business?

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When you pay the charges for each necessary clause, their privacy policy serves excellently.

The free privacy policy generator isn't enough to secure all types of business. Their financial policy includes:

  • Collecting info of children under 18 years
  • Type of personal information collected
  • Third parties
  • Use of tracking and cookies
  • Google Analytics
  • GDPR compliance

Nevertheless, considering the effectiveness, user-friendliness, and prices,'s privacy policies are significant and will give you peace in every case at $60.

Cookie Consent

Before storing any user's information, the ePrivacy Directive (Cookie Law)mandates that they be provided with informed consent. Hence, you must immediately and with clarity inform them about your cookies and tracking technologies, providing them with the ability to block or accept those activities.

For compelling popups, generates these for you without any charges. You only have to choose your compliance on their website.

EULA (App Store Apps) offers easy-to-read and high-quality EULA's (see EULA meaning). The EULA generator is fast, intuitive, and simple usable by everyone to make comprehensive EULAs for Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You only need to enter your business' info through mobile or desktop, and you're done. However, this process is expensive.

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Bloggers, eCommerce pros, and marketers with space medical advice, health and wellness advice, or fitness advice find disclaimers very handy. has simple, affordable, and effective disclaimer services because they have all the main clauses needed for an accurate, informative, and persuasive liability disclaimer. However, some affiliate programs like Awin and Rakuten are not covered in their list.

Is Legit?

Yes, it's legit. is user-friendly, intuitive, fast, and relatively comprehensive. Its legal documents are primarily high-quality, and they protect your business, site, or app effectively.

You only have to answer their questions about your firm, after which your site privacy policy is compiled within minutes.

Alternative Privacy Policy Generators

If you want to compose your Privacy Policy and explore more privacy policy generators other than the free privacy policy online generator, you can consider other sites like,, or (see the review). All these sites will generate your privacy policy.


What are the Best Privacy Policy Generator Tools?

For small and some medium websites or businesses, Free Privacy Policy does the job. On the other hand, if you have a diverse website or a large company with complex requirements, you can opt for the other best privacy policy generators like Iubenda and others like,, and

Do I Really Require a Privacy Policy on My Site?

Yes, you need it. The privacy policy solidifies the client-business/website trust and allows you to collect the user's information. It shows that your mobile apps/website/business has a compliant privacy policy template for a website privacy policy.

Many clients who visit your site skip reading your privacy policy. That is notwithstanding; you have every reason to have these regulations on your website since many customers value that you have an available privacy policy. Having a privacy policy helps your website attract client confidence.

Is free?

 Yes and no. That means you can have a free privacy policy that won't be sufficient for protecting you from liability since the free one doesn't cover each vital clause like CalOPPA or GDPR clauses.

What's the Cost of an Online Privacy Policy?

It costs around fifty to one hundred dollars.

Can you Create your Own Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Yes, you can make your privacy policy though it's not recommended. Why? Because you can incur extra costs in hiring an actual lawyer, you may not be well aware of the laws applying in your situation and all clauses required by the law, and you may not know the specific legal terms to use.

Final Word: Review

With an online platform, be it a blog, a website, or an online business, it's crucial to compose your privacy policy whereby you define your liabilities plus the rights of your site (see Fair Use Act), informing your clients how you'll utilize their data.

This way, you stipulate your responsibilities and their scope, protecting yourself as a business against clients who claim your obligations or actions are illegal. With this review, FreePrivacyPolicy may be a good option for you, whether it's for EULA's, Disclaimers, or Privacy Policy.

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