Cloud Myths Series – Myth #4 – Additional Privacy Law Issues?

In part 4 of our Cloud Myths Series, we consider the issues under privacy laws when companies use cloud computing to share data internationally. You can catch up on the first three myths covered in our Cloud Myth Series here: Myth #1Myth #2Myth #3

Myth 4: Cloud Computing Causes Additional Issues under Privacy Law because Data is Transmitted Internationally

Fact is that for most companies, they are already transmitting data internationally; because they use the Internet (for example, to email spreadsheets to various office locations), or because they have subsidiaries, customers, suppliers or channel partners in other jurisdictions.

cloud functions

In most cases, data transfers occur because data is needed in different jurisdictions, not because of where the data is stored.

With respect to employee data in a global human resources information system, for example, companies need to cause personal data to be transferred across borders to populate the system – whether they host it themselves or engage a cloud computing service provider.

Stay tuned as we continue to debunk the myths about cloud computing!

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