Cloud Computing Survey Shows Security & Privacy Are Critical To Negotiations

Security and privacy are among the most heavily negotiated terms in cloud contracts and it's disagreements over the arrangements for these safeguards which are most frequently cited as the reason for negotiations not reaching a satisfactory conclusion.   – Michael Mensik

Security and privacy are among the primary concerns of buyers and suppliers of cloud services according to nine out of ten companies, surveyed from 279 global business insiders.   This is one of the many findings highlighted in a 2015 report published by Baker & McKenzie following a global survey on cloud computing.  Other findings from the report include:

  • Business-to-business cloud computing contracts are generally negotiable

  • The vast majority of survey respondents said entering the cloud met their objectives
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  • Most respondents have had to develop additional skills or knowledge due to taking on cloud services

  • North America, Latin America and Africa have experienced greater impact on internal procurement processes than other regions surveyed

  • Cloud computing impacts IT staffs of organisations in the Asia-Pacific region more than others

  • There appears to be some, but not widespread, standardization in terms of cloud contracts
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  • The top criterion used by buyers to evaluate cloud service suppliers is their reputation

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