Is Your Organization Guilty Of Being A Data Hoarder?

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Regrettably, the rise of “Big Data” has been accompanied by the often mistaken notion that organizations should strive to retain as much data as possible. Advancements in technology (through technologies such as the Hadoop® Distributed File System) have allowed large volumes of data to be stored cheaply. Accumulating vast quantities of data can be problematic … Read more

OCR Issues Guidance On Cloud Computing And The FTC Act

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In October 2016, federal authorities released two important guidance materials for businesses handling health information to consider. The Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) released guidance on (1) the application of HIPAA to cloud computing, and (2) the importance of the Federal Trade Commission Act (“FTC Act”) in the context … Read more

GDPR In Practice – Client Workshops


On April 28, the Baker McKenzie Munich office hosted a GDPR client workshop. The format of this workshop was kind of unique: Clients could submit questions relating to the interpretation and implementation of the GDPR in advance which were than discussed by the panel. The panel consisted of the president of the Bavarian Data Protection Authority, … Read more

FTC Updates Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) Compliance Plan To Include Connected Toys

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The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced that it has updated its COPPA Compliance Plan to specifically cover toys intended for children. COPPA requires website operators and online services to obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting any personal information from children 12 years or younger. The FTC’s updated guidance, however, clarifies that certain web-enabled products directed to … Read more

Baker Mckenzie Adds Further Updates To The 2018 GDPR National Legislation Survey


Now that EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is officially enforced, any business looking to bring their data protection practices in line with it will need to understand and analyse the local laws supplementing the regulation. This is a time-consuming and difficult task.In order to help businesses with this process, Baker McKenzie has updated the … Read more

GDPR – New Guidelines Issued By Bavarian Data Protection Authority

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The Bavarian Data Protection Authority (“DPA”) has recently published a number of position papers clarifying certain requirements under the GDPR. Data Processing Agreements can be concluded electronically. Parties must, of course, document the electronic conclusion of the agreement sufficiently and conclusively for their own purposes, and be able to evidence its conclusion in case of … Read more

Are You Ready For Shield? – New York’s New Data Protections For Consumers


On 25 July 2019, the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed into law the “Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data” Act (S.6933-B) (SHIELD). When it becomes effective, SHIELD will provide stronger protections for New Yorkers by imposing strict cybersecurity requirements on all companies that handle their private information, even if those companies are located elsewhere. … Read more