GDPR – New Guidelines Issued By Bavarian Data Protection Authority

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The Bavarian Data Protection Authority (“DPA”) has recently published a number of position papers clarifying certain requirements under the GDPR. Data Processing Agreements can be concluded electronically. Parties must, of course, document the electronic conclusion of the agreement sufficiently and conclusively for their own purposes, and be able to evidence its conclusion in case of … Read more

Cloud Myths Series – Myth #1 – A Unique Challenge?

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Welcome to our new series dispelling some of the most common myths around data privacy and security in cloud computing solutions. This series will equip you with: a solid understanding of the pros and cons of cloud computing for privacy compliance;an increased ability to discuss challenges with customers and providers; andpractical guidance for contracts between vendors … Read more

Accountability – A Global Standard For Privacy Compliance

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The Accountability Principle in International Data Protection Instruments  Privacy Accountability: National Regulators’ Accountability Guidance (Part 1)  Privacy Accountability: National Regulators’ Accountability Guidance (Part 2)  Colombian Data Protection Authority issues Accountability Guidance The notion of accountability is not new to data protection law and policy.  What is new, though, is that it is becoming more and more relevant in … Read more

CCPA Update – What Has Changed And What Remains The Same?

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The California legislative session ended with a bang on September 13, when legislators passed several noteworthy amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The California governor has until October 13 to act on these amendments. We have outlined below the amendments that materially alter the original scope or requirements of the CCPA and that … Read more