Myth 8: Data Privacy & Security Law Compliance Is The Provider’s Responsibility

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Fact is that data privacy and security laws primarily hold the data controller responsible for compliance – i.e., the customer in a service provider relationship. The customer has to ensure that the data made available to the service provider has been collected in compliance with privacy laws, data subjects have consented or received notice, filings have … Read more

Myth 10: Vendor Has And Should Accept Unlimited Liability For Data Security Breaches


Fact is that service providers may not always be able to limit their liability vis-à-vis the data subjects in scenarios where they contract with corporate customers and not the data subjects themselves. If hackers gain unlawful access to information residing in a hosted database, the service provider may be liable directly vis-à-vis the data subjects … Read more

“The Time Between Attack And Detection Can Stretch To 200 Days.”

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– Peter Woollacott, Head of Huntsman, a global cyber-security firm  The modern company is undoubtedly going through a transformative period. As recently as 10 years ago, the idea that a company could have some of its most valuable property stolen, and not notice or act for days after the fact, would have seemed unfathomable.   Today, data … Read more

Unstructured Data – The Need For Data Governance In The Digital Economy


As the volume of data worldwide continues to increase exponentially, businesses are feeling pressure to start taking more proactive measures in the area of data governance. Much of the current focus on data governance relates to security concerns, but managing unstructured data also presents a potential competitive advantage for businesses.  Data is a tremendously overlooked asset … Read more

Making Big Data Presentable

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Big data continues to play an increasingly pivotal role for organizations. Managing big data through data governance is futile if the data itself is incomprehensible to an organization’s primary decision-makers. Organizations that are able to effectively communicate or ‘humanize’ data are more likely to reap the benefits available from big data. We offer three simple … Read more

Is Your Organization Guilty Of Being A Data Hoarder?

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Regrettably, the rise of “Big Data” has been accompanied by the often mistaken notion that organizations should strive to retain as much data as possible. Advancements in technology (through technologies such as the Hadoop® Distributed File System) have allowed large volumes of data to be stored cheaply. Accumulating vast quantities of data can be problematic … Read more

FTC Updates Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) Compliance Plan To Include Connected Toys

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The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced that it has updated its COPPA Compliance Plan to specifically cover toys intended for children. COPPA requires website operators and online services to obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting any personal information from children 12 years or younger. The FTC’s updated guidance, however, clarifies that certain web-enabled products directed to … Read more