CCPA Compliance Checklist | Personal Data Protection Regulations in California

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The California Department of Justice validated the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA as of January 1, 2020. It consented to protect the privacy rights of the California residents. After the new CCPA law took effect in California, it changed rules around how big tech companies can track and sell your data to third … Read more

CCPA Vs. GDPR | How Do These Two Regulations Govern How Websites Deal With Personal Data?

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What does CCPA compliance refer to? Is CCPA different from GDPR, and which of the two is stricter?Your personal information is private and should not be collected, used, or shared with a third party without your consent. CCPA and GDPR are regulations that govern how businesses and their websites deal with personal data. The laws … Read more

What are Terms and Conditions

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If your website has any interaction with website visitors, you need a terms and conditions agreement. Terms and conditions apply to various platforms, including eCommerce platforms, social media, blogs, or professional websites.Unlike in privacy policies, you do not require, and it is not mandatory by law to have terms and conditions agreements. To have a … Read more

General Terms and Conditions

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General terms and conditions refer to provisions that you set out in writing. Everything related to the terms and conditions agreement is arranged in the general terms and conditions.The agreement can be between an entrepreneur and another entrepreneur or between an entrepreneur and a customer. The terms of service can be about liability, making complaints, … Read more

Terms of Use vs Terms of Service

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If you want to create a website for your business, you must have heard of the various legal documents you need to make your site compliant. Some of the legal documents you need include a privacy policy, terms and conditions page, Disclaimer, EULA, etc.The challenge for many website creators and users is to tell the … Read more

Privacy Policy Requirements

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Do you want to create a website for your company? If yes, why do you need a privacy policy?There are various reasons why you require to post a privacy policy. First, it gives the users the confidence to share their personally identifiable information as they believe it is secure.You also need a privacy policy for … Read more

Get Ready For The European General Data Protection Regulation

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With the anticipated publication of the Europe General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) in 2016, international companies must begin to assess how the GDPR will affect their global data protection and privacy compliance programs.  The GDPR will likely affect companies based in and outside the EU, so it is important for all multi-national companies to … Read more