What Is an Impressum? | What Does It Contain and Which Countries Require It?

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You have created a business page on your website, and Facebook filled out all the information and even started writing content. Great! Everything appears to be fine!Did you remember to create an Impressum?Aiming to help create pages more focused on the brand or business, Google added the Impressum to the page description setting.It even baffled … Read more

What is COPPA? | Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Explained

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Do you know what information your underage child is providing online?Thanks to the numerous sites and platforms available today, keeping a tab on what information your kids give out online is an easy task.To avoid the exploitation of private information by unfair business practices, parental consent before taking information from children is mandatory to safeguard … Read more

Email Disclaimer | 14 Effective Examples You Can Use Now!

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Ever received an email with a distinct section that made you feel like the sender went to law school just to write it? Well, they didn’t. It’s a disclaimer. An email disclaimer is a statement, warning, or legal notice automatically added to an email to protect the sender from legal action, demonstrate regulatory compliance, and offer … Read more

What Are the Penalties for Violating CCPA? | Avoid Costly Fines!

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a state law that gives consumers the right to know what personal data a business collects, how it’s being used, and who it’s being shared with. If an organization collects personal data from users, it must disclose this in the privacy policy and provide an opt-out option for … Read more

CCPA Compliance Checklist | Personal Data Protection Regulations in California

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The California Department of Justice validated the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA as of January 1, 2020. It consented to protect the privacy rights of the California residents. After the new CCPA law took effect in California, it changed rules around how big tech companies can track and sell your data to third … Read more

CCPA Vs. GDPR | How Do These Two Regulations Govern How Websites Deal With Personal Data?

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What does CCPA compliance refer to? Is CCPA different from GDPR, and which of the two is stricter?Your personal information is private and should not be collected, used, or shared with a third party without your consent. CCPA and GDPR are regulations that govern how businesses and their websites deal with personal data. The laws … Read more

What are Terms and Conditions

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If your website has any interaction with website visitors, you need a terms and conditions agreement. Terms and conditions apply to various platforms, including eCommerce platforms, social media, blogs, or professional websites.Unlike in privacy policies, you do not require, and it is not mandatory by law to have terms and conditions agreements. To have a … Read more

General Terms and Conditions

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General terms and conditions refer to provisions that you set out in writing. Everything related to the terms and conditions agreement is arranged in the general terms and conditions.The agreement can be between an entrepreneur and another entrepreneur or between an entrepreneur and a customer. The terms of service can be about liability, making complaints, … Read more