7 Best Terms and Conditions Generator 2021 Reviews | Reliable & Affordable TOS

Do you need terms and conditions for your new website?

Unlike privacy policies, terms and conditions are not a requirement by law as you create your website. However, it is crucial that you have them. Most privacy policy generators are 100% compliant with the privacy laws, and they can also help you develop terms of service.

3 Top Terms and Conditions Generators



  • Easy to use, which saves you a lot of time and effort
  • It comes with most clauses that a terms & conditions page should contain
  • The discounted upgrades help you to save a lot
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  • Free terms and conditions
  • Excellent quality legal documents
  • Low-price payment packages for multiple documents
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  • User-friendly terms of use creation
  • Fast and affordable
  • A variety of payment packages to choose from

Having terms of service page sets the rules for how users should use your website. Without one, a website user can sue you for any liabilities at any time. A lawyer can demonstrate how damages were caused on a user due to a lack of clear guidelines on using the website.

So, what is a terms and conditions page, and do you need one? If yes, which are the best terms and conditions generator to use for your website?

Best Terms and Conditions Generator Reviews

[Best Terms and Conditions Generator Overall]

1. TermsFeed


If you want the best privacy policy generator, TermsFeed stands out as one of the best options you can consider.

Termsfeed also stands out if you want the most reliable terms and conditions generator. 


Termsfeed is an ideal choice for small businesses and websites, and its templates are up-to-date making it easy for you to generate terms and conditions page. 

It is also an excellent choice for growing companies that need more sophisticated terms of service and policies.

As mentioned earlier, a template that you generate within two minutes may not offer the same value as using a team of lawyers. Although it doesn't offer the same services you may get from a legal professional, TermsFeed comes real close. It covers most of the clauses that terms and conditions should contain and covers all the information, though briefly at times.

TermsFeed terms and conditions generator creates conditions agreements for websites, mobile apps, SaaS apps, eCommerce stores, Facebook apps, etc.

Plus, the generator is intuitive and easy to use, and you'll be done with the process within a short time. You just need to download the terms and conditions for your business and edit them to your satisfaction.

It also offers you free hosting of your terms of service, and you also receive free revision updates.

What's more?

If you want to upgrade your terms of use, TermsFeed offers you discounted upgrades.


  • Easy to use, which saves you a lot of time and effort
  • It comes with most clauses that a terms & conditions page should contain
  • The free revision updates to ensure your terms of service are up-to-date at all times
  • The discounted upgrades help you to save a lot


  • It may cost you more than most of its competitors

[Best for the Money]

2. Termly


Are you pressed for funds, and you want to get the best terms and conditions generator?

Termly helps you create a terms and conditions agreement for your business for free, which helps protect your website or app better.

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 It is ideal for your mobile app (iOS), SaaS subscription, online marketplace, eCommerce, and website.

With Termly, you don't have to settle for generic terms and phrases for your terms of use. 

Termly terms of use generator allow you to customize your terms to meet the unique style of your website or app.

It also offers free hosting for your terms of service. You just need to place a link on your site to ensure that your users can access the terms & conditions page.

This is the most significant undoing of the Termly terms and conditions generator as compared to other generators. It doesn't allow you to embed the terms of use in your site, but you should link it to your site.

Although the terms of use are for your website or app, they are branded using the Termly logo. The free terms and conditions version of Termly is also not fully customizable. If you wish to customize the terms fully, you have to pay for it.

However, the free version helps you to combat legal liabilities in the future, limit liability, and establish its jurisdiction and the laws it operates under. It helps you in creating terms including:

  • Terms of use

  • Prohibited activities

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Terminal clause

  • Governing law

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice and Policy

Apart from creating terms of service, Termly also offers you a free privacy policy generator and cookie consent.

You can enjoy more features and efficiency by signing up for Termly's premium packages, where you can choose monthly or annual subscriptions. You can select a one-time fee instead of recurring fees. The company boasts of quality legal documents, which makes it an excellent choice for your website.

It also comes with an intuitive and appealing dashboard that makes it easy for you to navigate.


  • The user-friendly and intuitive dashboard makes it easy to use
  • Free terms and conditions
  • Excellent quality legal documents
  • Low-price payment packages for multiple documents
  • Also offers a free privacy policy generator and cookie policy if you intend to collect personal data from your website users


  • The free terms of service have limitations

[Best for the User-friendliness]

3. GetTerms 


If you want a low-priced terms and conditions generator with a beautiful interface, you cannot go wrong with GetTerms. It prides itself in being the most appealing, fastest, and most straightforward online terms of service generator.

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It has a beginner-friendly design which ensures even the most inexperienced users have an easy time using it. You just need to choose your package from the various payment packages. After that, enter your information and check or uncheck the boxes that apply to your website.

You can then generate your terms and conditions. While the terms and conditions are comprehensive, there are a few things to consider:

  • If you are a serious company, you should go for the comprehensive payment package. The free and basic packages are not enough.

  • Unlike other generators, generating the terms of use by GetTerms are all on you. Other generators ask you questions or prompt you to enter particular information. On the other hand, GetTerms puts the information in front of you and requires you to check or uncheck the appropriate boxes. However, you may not know what you need.

If you know what you are looking for and want fast terms of service, GetTerms is an excellent option.


  • User-friendly terms of use creation
  • Fast and affordable
  • A variety of payment packages to choose from


  • The free and basic payment packages are not comprehensive
  • The terms creation is all on you

With so many online terms and conditions generators claiming to be free while they are not really free, it's exciting getting one that is free indeed. The terms and Conditions template is the only free and the best free terms of service generator that lives up to its billing and offers compliant terms of use agreement that protects your business.


It also stands out among its competitors for being exceptionally user-friendly.

You can protect your business and limit your liability in case of any disputes towards your business. Their customs and conditions are lawyers drafted to ensure they are standard legal documents.

The terms of service agreements are highly customizable, making them ideal to fit various types of websites. They are also easy to use and comes with a money-back guarantee in case you have any issues.

Additionally, TermsAndConditions Template is fast, and you'll have your terms of use in minutes. As such, you have time to concentrate on other parts of your website, such as coming up with an appealing landing page.

With the TermsAndConditions Template, you can outline the use and prohibited use of your site. You get to decide what users can and can't do while using your service. It also ensures that you comply with US-based copyright laws.

The conditions agreement also outlines information regarding refunds, security, cookies, etc. It is a legal contract between your site and the visitors to ensure your security, and it also helps to protect your intellectual property.


  • It is free indeed
  • This generator is easy to use and fast
  • It helps to protect your intellectual property, which includes your web content
  • TermsAndConditions Template is also highly customizable to fit any website


  • If you have a big company, you may want to choose another option as the TermsAndConditions template is not comprehensive

PrivacyPolicies.com is another generator that advertises itself as a free terms and conditions generator. While this is true to some extent, it is not entirely free. The generator will require you to pay for some basic clauses in the terms of use.

Even if you are selling a single product on your site, your terms and conditions will be premium, requiring you to pay.

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PrivacyPolicies.com is a reliable platform that helps you to develop a conditions agreement that can help you remove a user if they abuse your site or mobile app.

You can also remove any user-generated content that infringes copyright.

The terms of use generator also offer you free hosting for your terms and conditions. You can link the user conditions agreement to your custom website, iOS or Android app, Wix website, etc.

If you wish to host the terms and conditions yourself, PrivacyPolicies.com got you covered. It allows you to download the terms of service on your computer after generating them. The generated terms of use are available for download in different formats, including PDF, HTML, DOCX, and plain text.

Besides terms and conditions templates, the platform also offers other templates, including sample cookie policy templates and GDPR privacy policy templates.


  • It gives you the option of hosting the terms and conditions on their platform, or you can download them
  • The generated terms for download are available in different formats, including PDF, DOCX, etc
  • The terms of use are available for your website, iOS, Android, etc


  • Its legal documents are not as in-depth as in other competitors


FormSwift is another terms and conditions generator that promises to help you generate free terms and conditions agreement for your website without paying a dime.


It is a straightforward system that helps you create your free terms and conditions and sign them at no cost.

It comes with a variety of templates to ensure you get the one that fits your website needs.

The step-by-step questionnaire enhances the ease of use, and you end up with your terms of use within minutes.

If you want to make any changes to your terms and conditions agreement, the customizable template makes it easy for you to do so. You can also download it on your computer and embed it to your website for easy access by your website users.

It is available for download in different formats, including PDF, DOCX, etc.

The terms and conditions generator is ideal for all types of businesses, including small, medium, and large enterprises. It is also available for a variety of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Mac, and web-based applications.

Additionally, it is drafted using an easy-to-understand language to make it easy for your users to read and understand. This helps deal with any disputes that may arise from the user misusing or abusing the terms.


  • The terms and conditions generator is free, which helps you to secure your website without paying a dime
  • It is written in a simple language to make it easy to read and understand
  • The conditions agreement is available for download in various formats, including PDF and DOCX


  • The free version is not comprehensive enough for big businesses

If you are not in the legal profession, creating terms and conditions for your website can be a headache.

Therefore, it would help a lot if you got a terms and conditions generator to help you. TermsOfServiceGenerator allows you to come up with terms of service for your site without paying a dollar. 

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It also ensures your site complies with the law to ensure you build customer trust. The generator makes it easy to generate the terms of use and personalize them for your website by filling in the fields in the provided forms. 

Some of the fields you need to fill include the company name, website name, and website URL. After filling in the fields, it will generate your terms and conditions within minutes.

However, this one of the best free terms & conditions agreement generator doesn't perform highly in the customization aspect compared to other competitors. While other competitors allow you to customize different clauses of the terms and conditions, TermsOfServiceGenerator only allows you to customize your website URL and contact details.

Most of the terms and conditions they create are also generic. If a user takes you to court for any reason regarding your website, the generic terms and conditions may not be enough to protect you in court. The legal documents you generate using the generator are not legally binding, and you should use them at your own risk.


  • It is free
  • It is easy to fill the forms and generate your terms of service
  • You have some customization options


  • It creates generic terms that may not be useful in court.

Do You Need a Terms of Service Page for Your Website?

Every legal professional will tell you that you must have a privacy policy page while creating your website. The privacy policy page should also be compliant with the various privacy laws in different regions, including the EU and the United States.

However, there is confusion about whether your website also requires a terms & conditions page. Some people say you need one to protect your business against any legal issues in the future. For others, you can do without the terms of service page.

So, should you create terms & conditions page or not?

The truth is you don't need one but is it vital that you have one. Whether you created it with terms and conditions generators or a terms and conditions template, it is okay.

The terms of service page is a legal document that defines a set of legally binding instructions that describes how a visitor should use your website. It sets the rules on how visitors should behave when using your site or service.

Although it is not a requirement by law, it helps a lot if you have a set of clearly defined rules for your business.

Why should you get a terms & conditions page? There are several reasons why you should create one. These include:

  • Limiting your liability: if there are any errors in the content on your site, abuse, offensive language, or any other harmful situation, a properly worded terms, and conditions page limits your financial liability.

  • It asserts your intellectual property rights: the terms and conditions should contain an intellectual property clause. The clause protects your logo, web content, and other aspects of the site from being used by competitors.

  • The terms of service also set your governing rules: the terms of use should outline your governing jurisdiction and the laws you operate under.

The bottom line is, although the law doesn't mandate you to have a conditions agreement page, it is crucial that you have one for your business.

When you decide it's time to get compliant terms and conditions page, terms and conditions generators come in handy. Terms and conditions generators will save you a lot of costs, and you'll have a website terms template generated within minutes which also saves you time.

If you can afford a lawyer to develop TOS for you, free terms of service generator will be the best option. No automated templates can match the competency and expertise of a legal professional. However, getting the best terms and conditions generator will also get the job done.

So, which is the best terms & conditions generator to use for your business?


If you want to generate a terms and conditions agreement for your website, you can pick any of the generators above to help you. Ensure the terms and conditions generator meets the needs of your business and is legally binding.