5 Best Privacy Policy Generator Reviews in 2021 | Affordable Custom Legal Agreements

Do you want to launch a website for your business?

When you create a website, it's easy to concentrate on other details and overlook crucial aspects. One of the critical elements that people overlook is a privacy policy page. However, this is a vital aspect and if ignored, it can lead to compliance issues in the future.

3 Top Privacy Policy Generators



  • The policy generator is easy to use
  • It complies with all privacy laws
  • You enjoy free revision updates and discounted upgrades
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  • The custom privacy policy generator is affordable
  • The generator offers a perfect relationship between price and quality
  • It is intuitive, simple, and straightforward to use
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  • One-time payment with no recurring fees
  • Easy to use by answering a questionnaire that takes a short time
  • Affordable

If you want to develop a privacy policy page, you can use a lawyer or legal professional to help you, though it can be expensive. Other people copy and paste privacy policies from different websites, which is not recommended as it may not meet your website's needs.

So, which is the most effective way of creating a privacy policy page? It will be best to use a privacy policy generator.

But with so many privacy policy generators in the market, how do you choose the best privacy policy that fits your website needs? Here is a detailed review of the best privacy generators creating tools to help you make a smart choice.

Best Privacy Policy Generator Reviews

[Best Privacy Policy Generator Overall]

1. TermsFeed


TermsFeed makes it easy for you to create premium custom legal agreements online that can legally bind your users.

The privacy policy generator tool helps you to create a privacy policy page, terms, and conditions, refund policy of a website.


The agreements are essential for eCommerce platforms, SaaS apps, desktop apps, Facebook apps, mobile apps, and other critical websites.

The privacy policy generator helps to prepare an up-to-date privacy policy for your business.

The privacy policy generator helps to come up with agreements that are compliant with various privacy laws, including California Online Privacy Protection Act (CaIOPPA), EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), etc.

One of the reasons the TermsFeed privacy policy page generator stands out as one of the best options for creating custom-made and legally binding agreements is its versatility. It allows you to adapt an agreement based on your business's specific needs, such as if you use geolocation, email addresses, or if you sell digital products or services.

All mobile app stores, including Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Windows Phone Store, need a privacy policy. You will need a privacy agreement even if you don't collect personal user data yourself, but you use a third party. Some of the third parties you can use include Mixpanel, Flurry, Google Analytics Mobile, and Mixpanel.

Using TermsFeed to create a privacy policy for your eCommerce platform is a legal requirement and helps to build trust with customers. You can use the following tips in developing your policy:

  • Disclose the type of personal information you wish to collect from your customers

  • Disclose how you may share the data collected with third-parties such as Google AdWords, etc

  • Make sure you include the effective date of the privacy policy

  • Inform users how they can review and change the information collected

TermsFeed also comes in handy in helping you develop a privacy policy for your platforms if you accept payments such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. You can also generate a privacy policy for analytics tools, ads, and remarketing, etc.

This privacy policy generator easily generates a privacy policy for your website. All you have to do is to download your privacy policy and then edit it to your liking. It offers free hosting for the policy, free revision updates, and discounted upgrades.

What's more?

The easy-to-use generator also helps you to create a cookie policy disclosing your use of cookies on the website. The customer and professional cookie policy by TermsFeed are also GDPR compliant and EU Cookies Directive.


  • The policy generator is easy to use
  • It complies with all privacy laws
  • It generates privacy policies for your website and mobile apps
  • You enjoy free revision updates and discounted upgrades
  • The privacy policies by TermsFeed are up-to-date


  • It lacks a cookie consent solution
  • The premium agreements are expensive

[Best for the Money ]

2. iubenda


If you want the best privacy policy generators, you won't go wrong with iubenda. The intuitive policy generator is one of the most comprehensive online privacy policy generators with services close to a real lawyer.

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It ensures that you are covered in all aspects of your website with more than 600 services to choose from.

What stands out most is the user-friendly privacy policy. 

You start creating your privacy policy by selecting your service from the 600+ and then choose CCPA or GDPR from the bottom right corner.

After that, embed the policy on your website using the "manage and embed" feature on the page's top-left side.

The privacy policy generator goes ahead to categorize each service into a familiar group and adds an easy-to-use bar for the most common services on the side. This helps when you are unsure of the type of policy you need to ensure you are fully compliant.

Therefore, you end up with a comprehensive privacy policy with all the legal agreements that it is easy for your visitors to read and understand.

When you want the best privacy policy online, you'll have iubenda and then everyone else. It is the best solution to make your websites and apps compliant with the law across multiple legislations and languages.

You also enjoy automatic updates on your privacy policy handled by a team of international legal experts.

The compliant privacy policy generator is ideal for companies, agencies, and app developers of all sizes. You can use it for small businesses and big organizations who wish to avoid compliance issues in handling personal data.

iubenda also offers you a variety of payment options. Although it doesn't have a free trial, it provides you with a free version.

The paid versions start from $9 per month, and it can go up to $29 to $129 a month with additional features.

The iubenda features for GDPR compliance include policy management and consent management.


  • The custom privacy policy generator is affordable
  • It is intuitive, simple, and straightforward to use
  • It is a comprehensive privacy policy generator with services close to a real lawyer
  • You enjoy automatic updates by a team of international legal experts
  • The privacy policy generator offers more than 600 services which are way beyond what the competitors offer
  • The generator offers a perfect relationship between price and quality
  • iubenda is compliant with various legislations and languages


  • It may have conflicts with some apps, such as some WordPress plugins

[Best for the Ease of Use ]

3. FreePrivacyPolicy.com


If you want a free privacy policy generator compliant with most legislations, including GDPR, CCPA, CalOPPA, etc., FreePrivacyPolicy is a perfect pick. It creates custom privacy policies as well as legal agreements for websites and mobile apps.

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It comes with several privacy policy generator tools that ensure you effectively protect your customer's personal data while also limiting your liability.

The generator ensures you comply with the most significant laws globally while limiting your liability.

FreePrivacyPolicy also ensures you adhere to third-party requirements such as Google Play, Google AdSense, Apple Store, etc.

Additionally, the free privacy policy tool is easy-to-use. It easily creates a privacy policy, all you need to do is to answer a questionnaire which takes a minute. After answering the questionnaire, your privacy policy is ready.

You’ll get help throughout the process while using the generator. If you have any questions or issues regarding handling your customer's personal information, you should email the team for help.

Once you are done answering the questionnaire, you are free to download the privacy policy into your computer and start using it.

It also offers a variety of templates, allowing you to be fully compliant. Some of the templates include a free privacy policy template, GDPR privacy policy sample template, CCPA privacy policy template, etc. As such, anyone will enjoy using the generator.

Apart from creating a website privacy policy, the generator also helps you in other services such as end-user license agreement, terms and conditions, disclaimer, return and refund, and cookie consent.

Some options in the FreePrivacyPolicy cost money and some are more expensive than others. The more complex the clause, the more expensive it is.

The generator asks you for a one-time fee with no recurring fees. Instead of paying monthly, you pay for a one-time fee, and they also offer a full refund within seven days.


  • One-time payment with no recurring fees
  • Easy to use by answering a questionnaire that takes a short time
  • Compliant with most privacy laws worldwide, including GDPR, CalOPPA, COPPA, etc
  • Affordable
  • Easy to read and understand


  • Some of the options are expensive than others


Would you like to generate a privacy policy for your website in two minutes? If yes, the GetTerms privacy policy generator is an excellent choice.

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GetTerms makes it effortless for you to generate a privacy policy statement by handling all the paperwork for you to concentrate on developing other areas of your company.

It makes it fast and easy to create a custom privacy policy for your website or apps.

With GetTerms.io, you'll get a custom policy depending on your business's nature and based on the type of personal information you wish to collect. It is written in plain English, making it easy for your audience to read the policy and understand it before accepting it.

The policy generator is ideal for creating policies for all business types, whether it is a small business or otherwise.

Additionally, the policy-generating tool makes it easy to start making your site’s policies by including standard terms of service.

Also, to enhance your GDPR compliance, the privacy policy generating tool outlines the use of cookies on your website and gives users the option of consenting to the use or not. They also explain what the cookies are used for. Cookies are also used in collecting personal information, including contact information, names, etc.

The policy generator also helps to create an Acceptable Use Policy for your business. The policy is meant for comprehensive packs, and it determines how your website may be used.

If you choose to use a lawyer to generate your privacy policy, it will cost you a lot. Keep in mind the process may also take longer to complete. On the other hand, the GetTerms policy generator creates an easy-to-read privacy policy. Lawyers review it to ensure it meets the high standards you would pay for while using a legal professional.

Plus, the privacy policies by GetTerms are compliant with most privacy laws irrespective of where you operate your business. They tailor their custom policies to ensure it suits your business whether you collect personal data of people living in the United States, Europe, UK, or Australia. It is GDPR and CCPA laws compliant from outside the box.

The generator accepts a one-time fee payment, and you don't require an account to purchase. When you generate your privacy policy, it is yours forever. You can pay using a major credit card or PayPal.

Additionally, it gives you various payment packs that come with various features. For instance, you can get the Basic privacy policy which is a lightweight policy ideal for personal use. The standard package goes for $25, and it includes a cookie policy, privacy policy, and terms of use. Finally, you have the comprehensive pack that goes for $49. It comes with a comprehensive privacy policy that is GDPR and CCPA ready. It also includes terms of service, cookie policy, and an Acceptable Use Policy.


  • Tailor-made customer policies to ensure they fit your business
  • The privacy policies are compliant with most privacy laws
  • It accepts various payment options, including credit cards and PayPal
  • One-time fee and no recurring fees
  • Lawyers review the policies to ensure they meet the standard


  • The basic policy is stripped of features

Shopify's free e-commerce privacy policy generator is an ideal choice that you and your website users can count on.

The privacy policy generator is up-to-date and includes the requirements of GDPR to ensure your website is compliant and helps to build customer trust.

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It is easy to generate your policy as you only need to fill a form, and Shopify free privacy policy generator will email you your customized policy.

You can proceed to customize it further depending on the nature of your business.

The best thing is that it comes with a 14-day free trial which helps you gauge its performance and features.

Apart from a privacy policy, it also helps you generate terms of service, informing your website users of what they can do and what they shouldn't do while shopping at your site.

You can also create a refund policy to assure customers of your goodwill and give them the confidence to get value for your money.


  • A 14-day free trial to help you gauge its performance
  • Customizable privacy policy
  • Easy-to-use and fast


  • The privacy policy you receive in your email is not complete yet


There you have it, A comprehensive list of the best policy generators. Go ahead and pick your best privacy policy generators depending on the nature of your business, budget, and other factors.