Privacy Policy Requirements

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Do you want to create a website for your company? If yes, why do you need a privacy policy?There are various reasons why you require to post a privacy policy. First, it gives the users the confidence to share their personally identifiable information as they believe it is secure.You also need a privacy policy for … Read more

Privacy Policy Definition


If you come up with a website, you may require users to sign up or provide personal data to access some services or products.The personal information you can provide while signing up or buying merchandise includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Sharing the information means the personal information is out there at the mercies … Read more

Get Ready For The European General Data Protection Regulation

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With the anticipated publication of the Europe General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) in 2016, international companies must begin to assess how the GDPR will affect their global data protection and privacy compliance programs.  The GDPR will likely affect companies based in and outside the EU, so it is important for all multi-national companies to … Read more

Employee Monitoring: It’s All About Balance


The monitoring of employees is a poignant example of an activity that requires a balance between the interests of different parties.   On the one hand, organizations have a legitimate interest in safeguarding their information.  Organizations can invest a significant amount of time and resources securing valuable data from external threats, only to have these efforts … Read more

GDPR: From Directive To Regulation


Once the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, it will replace the EU Data Protection Directive as well as all national data protection legislation existing under the Directive (subject to certain matters not regulated by the GDPR).  Consequently, the national data protection laws of all EEA countries (i.e., the 28 EU member states … Read more

Malaysia Introduces Alternative To Prosecution Of Data Protection Breaches

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Malaysia has introduced a new mechanism for sanctioning data protection breaches. Under section 132 of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 supplemented by the Personal Data Protection (Compounding of Offences) Regulations 2016 (“the Regulations”), enacted on 16 March 2016, certain data protection offences may be “compounded” instead of being formally prosecuted. In other words, offenders … Read more