Privacy Policy Definition


If you come up with a website, you may require users to sign up or provide personal data to access some services or products.The personal information you can provide while signing up or buying merchandise includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Sharing the information means the personal information is out there at the mercies … Read more

Employee Monitoring: It’s All About Balance


The monitoring of employees is a poignant example of an activity that requires a balance between the interests of different parties.   On the one hand, organizations have a legitimate interest in safeguarding their information.  Organizations can invest a significant amount of time and resources securing valuable data from external threats, only to have these efforts … Read more

5 Basics You Need To Know About Biometrics


Once confined to scientific research and criminal investigations, biometric data is now frequently used in everyday scenarios like building access controls, mobile devices and airport security checks.  It is hailed for enhancing security but it is also feared for invading privacy.   In this post, you will learn five basics you should know about biometrics.  Click here for … Read more

GDPR – German Data Protection Authorities Establish New Rules For Whistleblowing Hotlines: Call For Action

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In light of the GDPR, the German data protection authorities (German DPAs) have issued new guidance regarding the implementation of whistleblowing hotlines. The new position of the German DPAs is so fundamentally different from their pre-GDPR position that German companies should review, and likely implement changes to, any existing whistleblowing hotlines offered to their employees. … Read more

Building A Strong Information Governance Team To Last

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It is trite but true:  Information is one of a business’s most valuable assets.  Yet just like oil, if not handled properly, it can cause serious damage.   That’s why a business’s information governance (IG) team needs to be carefully considered and planned—its members have the important responsibility of understanding the “who, what, where, when and … Read more