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About Us

The Baker Inform team consists of entrepreneurs, writers, and researchers who have spent years building their businesses and learning about legal logistics along the way.

It all started after years of tight collaboration, knowledge sharing, experience exchange and moaning about the huge costs of law firms and freelance attorneys.

At one point, we all agreed, enough is enough! There must be cheaper, quicker and easier way to address all our legal concerns regarding our small online businesses, e-commerce stores and blogs.

Having discovered online legal services, we concluded that they are equally, if not more efficient than law firms. Having spent countless hours of research the whole team agreed that we may as well share it! And, here we are!

Our Mission

Baker Inform is your online resource for various business and personal concerns regarding legalities. We strive to provide expert advice for all of you who are operating or starting an online business.
So many legal documents are design to protect your interests but also the interests of your clients, website visitors and employees.

Apart from reviewing the best online legal services, we dedicate a huge portion of our time to answering your questions about online legalities. Some of these questions may have not crossed your mind yet. No sweat!

We are here to save you time AND money, to provide knowledge and to help you with business legalities as well as legalities for the Internet enthusiasts who are running blogs, forums or charity websites. Trust us in the same way in which we trust our mission!

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Simple and Easy.

"Ignorance of the law excuses no man from practicing it."

Adisson Mizner

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Online Legal Documents You May Need

Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions
Data Privacy and Collection Requirements (GDPR, CCPA, etc)
Cookie Requirements (GDPR, ePrivacy, etc)
Data Security Requirements
Accessibility Requirements (ADA, WCAG, etc)
Ecommerce Security
Copyright and Plagiarism Requirements
Content Licensing and Attribution
Anti-Spam Laws
N.D.A. (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
Various Disclaimers